Reasons Why Boerboel Rottweiler Mix Dogs Make Great Family Pets

The Boerboel Rottweiler mix (additionally referred to as the Boerboel Rottie) is an exceedingly new crossbreed gaining popularity amongst families and people looking for a devoted guardian dog. 

This blended breed combines the intelligence, strength, and protectiveness of two Molosser-type breeds – the Boerboel from South Africa and the Rottweiler from Germany.

For human beings interested in a faithful dog home protector with strong territorial instincts, the Boerboel Rottweiler mix may fit the invoice. With their imposing length, acute watchdog competencies, and athleticism, Boerboel crossed with Rottweiler can make each alert belongings guardians and affectionate own family partners. However, from a younger age, significant obedience training and right socialization are necessary for those crossbreeds.

First-time or green dog owners can also find this mix an excessive amount to deal with. But for the ones up for the training and exercising challenges, the payoff is a formidable and committed canine that bonds carefully with their human percent. 

Keep reading to learn about the Boerboel Rottweiler hybrid’s distinct histories, traits, temperaments, and care needs.

Loyal Companion or Territorial Guard Dog? The Unique Boerboel Breed

The Boerboel is a Molosser-kind breed from South Africa in the 1600s. Their call comes from the Afrikaans phrases “boer,” meaning farmer, and “boel,” which means canine. Boerboels have been, to begin with bred as all-reason farm dogs in the remote areas of South Africa, tasked with guarding homesteads, livestock, and households in opposition to huge predators like lions, hyenas, and leopards.


Their fierce protectiveness, courageous nature, intelligence, power, and robust health made them perfect guardians in harsh African environments. Early Boerboels were not bred for a specific appearance; however, for their useful operating skills. Over time, the best parent dogs have been selectively bred, producing the large, intimidating Boerboel breed we realize today.

Key Physical Characteristics Some of the most identifiable bodily tendencies of the Boerboel encompass:

  • Large, extensive head with a square-fashioned muzzle
  • Powerful, muscular build, regularly weighing one hundred-200 lbs when completely grown
  • Thick neck and deep, extensive chest
  • Medium-period, dense coat that is available in hues like fawn, brown, brindle, cream, crimson, or piebald
  • Powerful jaws with a scissor-like bite
  • Small, medium-high set tail is generally left natural
  • Dark facial masks and expressive eyes

Confident, Commanding Temperament In addition to their implementing physical presence, Boerboels have a commanding temperament perfect for a guard canine position. They are known for being:

  • Highly intelligent, trainable, and keen to please their proprietors
  • Confident, fearless, and territorial around their assets
  • Alert with strong protecting and guarding instincts
  • Obedient, however, able to make independent choice-making
  • Ever watchful and suspicious of strangers
  • Loving and affectionate with the circle of relatives contributors
  • Playful and affected person with children in their household
  • Dominant and inclined to check obstacles if not nicely trained

Boerboels bond carefully with their families even as remaining distrustful of outsiders. With proper education and socialization from a young age, their territorial instincts may be managed, and they could learn to accept strangers. But make no mistake – the Boerboel is a bold mum or dad breed intended to deter intruders.

Training a Boerboel Starting education and socialization early and continuing it throughout a Boerboel’s lifestyle is essential. Positive reinforcement mixed with an authoritative, organized hand works well. Harsh punishments or schooling strategies will cause this breed to turn out to be more competitive.

Because in their guarding lineage, Boerboels have an ingrained sense of independence and dominance. Establishing yourself as the organization’s percent leader early on is essential. Boerboels are eager to thrill; however, they will take benefit of meek owners.

Training a Boerboel Rottweiler Mix

Proper education and socialization are important for the Boerboel Rottweiler Mix, given their large length, parent instincts, intelligence, and dominance.


Here are a few key education guidelines:

  • Start primary obedience and socialization as early as eight weeks old. Attend doggy kindergarten institution lessons to socialize with them.
  • Use high-quality reinforcement, which includes rewards, treats, toys, and other rewards for excellent behavior. Avoid punishment like scolding or yelling.
  • Establish yourself as a pack Leader – Set guidelines and barriers early on. Do no longer allow them to push you around or ignore commands.
  • Be cooperative and consistent: Stick to based everyday education periods. They thrive on consistency and routine.
  • Maintain training during existence: Ongoing socialization and obedience training save you conduct problems.
  • Teach impulse control: Work on instructions like “Leave it,” “Drop it,” and many others., to manipulate their guarding instincts.
  • Use skilled trainers if wanted: Their dominant character may require professional assistance. Check for credentials.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation This athletic combined breed has excessive workout desires, requiring a minimum of 60-90 minutes full of daily life interest.


Ideal activities consist of:

  • Long walks or hikes
  • Playing fetch
  • Swimming
  • Agility schooling
  • Running alongside a motorbike

Provide hard chunk toys or food puzzles for proper mental stimulation. Without sufficient interest, they may broaden detrimental or hyperactive behaviors. A securely fenced yard allows this mixture to run and play effectively.

Grooming and Care: The Boerboel Rottweiler mix sheds fairly 12 months-spherical. Brush their brief, dense coat weekly using a rubber curry brush. Bathing is most effective while necessary. Other care consists of:

  • Nails need to be trimmed often
  • Clean and inspect ears weekly for infection
  • Brush teeth frequently with vet-permitted dog toothpaste
  • Monitor skin folds for irritation or contamination

Their average lifespan is 10-12 years. Potential fitness problems to look for include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, bloat, and obesity. Selecting fitness-examined determined breeds can reduce risks.

The Protective Rottweiler Breed

With their black coats and rust-coloured markings, Rottweilers are one of the most identifiable dog breeds. These big, muscular dogs originated in Germany, wherein they were used to herd livestock and pull carts of butchered meat to the marketplace. Their name comes from the German town Rottweil, in which they evolved within the early 19th century.


Rottweilers played a vital position in working for the Roman legions by herding farm animals and guarding camps. Their versatility, intelligence, and robust health made them perfect working puppies. Today, Rottweilers are popular companions, defend dogs, and police/army dogs worldwide.

Key Physical Traits

Some key bodily features of Rottweilers encompass:

  • Medium to massive, regularly 60-135 lbs for adult males and 80-100 lbs for females
  • Black coat with tan/rust-colored markings on the face, chest, and legs
  • Strong, vast head with a powerful, wide jaw
  • Dark brown almond-formed eyes
  • Triangular ears that stand erect
  • Long, muscular neck and body with a straight, hairy tail
  • Double-coat this is direct, coarse, and dense

Personality and Temperament

Rottweilers are acknowledged for being:

  • Courageous, self-confident, and fearless
  • Obedient, keen to paintings, and distinctly trainable
  • Protective over their territory and circle of relatives participants
  • Intelligent, alert, and prepared to react to threats
  • Confident and instinctively dominant
  • Aloof and suspicious of strangers
  • Affectionate and loving with owners and children they’re raised with

With the right schooling and channeling of instincts, Rottweilers may be controlled, confident guardians. But they are powerful puppies that want large socialization and corporation management.

Training a Rottweiler

Like Boerboels, Rottweilers want an assured owner who can establish regulations and barriers early on. Positive reinforcement mixed with admiration for their dominant personality works nicely.


Rottweilers are distinctly centered on their character and goal to thrill them. Ongoing obedience schooling and socialization help prevent aggression or detrimental inclinations. Patience is required, as Rottweilers can be cussed rookies.

Bringing Home a Boerboel Rottweiler Mix

Deciding if a Boerboel Rottweiler mix is the proper canine for you requires careful consideration. While devoted and protecting when properly skilled, this crossbreed has great workout and schooling necessities.

The Boerboel Rottie is great for skilled dog owners with the time to devote to proper care, socialization, and obedience schooling. First-time proprietors or families with small kids aren’t encouraged for this breed.


You must establish yourself early because the dominant percent chief maintains strong management as they mature. This mix additionally calls for supervision around different pets because of their excessive prey power. A domestic with a securely fenced backyard is good.

This mix thrives on rigorous pastime. Be organized to offer at least 60-90 minutes of strenuous everyday workout through running, hiking, swimming, or agility training. They even have a robust desire to be with their family. Leaving them alone for long periods can result in separation tension or detrimental behaviors.

Grooming needs are slight, although their shorter coat does shed year-spherical. Early fitness screening of parent breeds can assist in discovering viable genetic issues like hip dysplasia. You ought to additionally price range for a giant breed’s considerable food and veterinary fees.

The Boerboel Rottweiler mix may be a splendidly dependable and implementing dad or mum within the right home. With their innate intelligence and athleticism, they can succeed at diverse dog sports, remedy paintings, or police/military applications with proper schooling.

For skilled proprietors looking for a dedicated companion, the Boerboel crossed with Rottweiler provides the first-rate of each world – an own family mother or father with sturdy territorial instincts and unwavering loyalty. This specific South African-German crossbreed can become a loved friend and protector with training, endurance, and energetic possession.

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