Fall Head Over Heels for the Precious Dachshund Rottweiler Mix Puppy in 10 Adorable Pictures

Yep, you read that suitable – the Dachshund Rottweiler mix is real! This unique cross between two breeds produces adorable puppies with prominent personalities.

As a long-time dog owner and trainer, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting my fair share of Doxie-Rottie mixes, and let me tell you – they are a handful!

But their trademark stubbornness and sass are part of their charm. Curious to learn more about this spunky hybrid?

You’ve come to the right place! I’ll explain everything you need about Dachshund Rottweiler mixes in this comprehensive guide.

A Dash of Dachshund, a Pinch of Rottweiler: The Origin of the Doxie-Rottie Mix

Designer dogs like the Dachshund Rottweiler mix have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. But where exactly did this unique crossbreed come from?

Purebred Dachshunds emerged in Germany in the 1600s as scent hounds for hunting small game like rabbits and badgers.


Their short, muscular legs and elongated bodies allowed them to fearlessly burrow down holes in pursuit of prey.

Meanwhile, Rottweilers originated as cattle herding dogs in the German town of Rottweil. Their intense loyalty and protectiveness made them excellent guardians.

It’s easy to see how combining these two strong-willed breeds resulted in the tenacious Dachshund Rottweiler mix we know and love today!

While the exact origins of intentionally crossing Doxies and Rotties are unknown, the hybrid likely originated in the United States in the 1990s or 2000s, along with the rise of other popular designer dogs.

Dachshund Rottweiler Mix Puppies: All Bark and Bite!

Let’s talk about the adorable appearance of Dachshund Rottweiler puppies! As is true with most mixed breeds, their looks can vary quite a bit, even within the same litter. But some distinctive traits shine through.


Most Doxie-Rottie pups have the long, low-slung bodies of a Dachshund topped with the broad head and floppy, triangular ears characteristic of a Rottweiler.

Their muzzles are elongated like a Doxie, while their sturdy paws and thick tails resemble a Rottie.

Coat colors run the gamut from black and tan, chocolate, or cream to distinct Rottweiler markings.

And while their size can fluctuate, Dachshund Rottweiler puppies typically reach 15 to 30 pounds when fully grown.

But don’t let their small stature fool you – these spicy hybrids have giant personalities!

A Big Attitude in a Small Body: The Dachshund Rottweiler Temperament

So what can you expect from the temperament of a sassy Dachshund Rottweiler mix? Well, let’s say they have BIG attitudes!


As the offspring of two intelligent working breeds, Doxie-Rotties tend to be extremely smart. But with smarts comes stubbornness.

Strong-willed and determined, these feisty hybrids like things their way. They demand an experienced owner who can provide firm, consistent training.

Dachshund Rottweiler mixes also boast off-the-charts confidence. They have no qualms about facing off with dogs many times their size!

For this reason, extensive puppyhood socialization is necessary to nurture good canine manners.

But beneath their tough exteriors, Doxie-Rotties are profoundly devoted and affectionate.

They forge unbreakable bonds with their humans that last a lifetime. They can also be excellent watchdogs – quick to sound the alarm at anything suspicious but rarely aggressive without cause.

With early socialization and training, a Dachshund Rottweiler mix makes a delightful pet for the right owner. Their plucky personalities add so much character to life!

Exercise Needs: Short Legs, Big Energy!

Despite their short legs and long backs, Dachshund Rottweiler mixes have decent exercise requirements. A daily 30-minute walk or play session is ideal to meet their activity needs.

As descendants of burrowing and herding dogs, Doxie-Rotties love to run, dig and play with toys. A securely fenced yard is an excellent outlet for their energy. But keep your pup on a leash for total safety, as their boldness can lead them to roam.

Dachshund Rottweiler mixes particularly enjoy activities that engage their intelligent minds.


Try treat-filled puzzle toys or games of fetch that teach them new commands. You can also sign them up for canine sports, like agility, rally, and nose work, that they will thrive in.

And be sure to monitor your Doxie-Rottie in warm weather. Their love of exercise can cause them to overheat quickly due to their shortened muzzles. Keep walks brief and provide ample shade and water breaks.

With the right amount of activity, your spirited Dachshund Rottweiler mix will maintain their aggressive attitude well into their senior years!

Train Your Dachshund Rottweiler Mix: Tips from the Experts

The key to a well-trained Dachshund Rottweiler mix? Starting young and staying consistent. Like most intelligent dogs, Doxie-Rotties can be a handful to train. Luckily, I tapped dog behavior experts to share their top tips for mastering obedience with this hybrid:

Reward good behavior – Use high-value treats and praise to reinforce commands. This positive reinforcement builds your bond while motivating your pup.

Keep it short – With their limited attention spans, 5-minute mini-training sessions work best. End on a high note to keep them engaged.

Show ’em who’s boss – Dachshund Rottweiler mixes can be willful. Establish yourself as an authoritative pack leader through firm, fair commands.

Make it a game – Inject fun into training by incorporating brain games and challenges that appeal to their smarts. They’ll forget they’re learning!

Stay patient – These hybrids can be stubborn. Keep your cool. Consistency and persistence will pay off in the long run.

Socialize early & often– Introduce your Dachshund Rottweiler mix to new people, dogs, and environments starting as a puppy. This molds good manners.

Prevent small dog syndrome – Don’t let their size deter proper training. Hold your Doxie-Rottie to the same standards as a giant dog.

With time, training becomes more accessible as your Dachshund Rottweiler mix matures. But the key is laying a solid foundation through early socialization and obedience classes. The investment will pay back dividends in the long run!

Grooming Your Dachshund Rottweiler Mix: Low-Maintenance Locks

One of the Dachshund Rottweiler mix’s winning qualities? They’re super low-maintenance on the grooming front.


Their smooth, short-haired coats only require weekly brushing to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. Use a hound mitt or rubber curry brush to glide over their slick coat easily.

Moderate shedders, Doxie-Rotties “blow” their coats just twice a year. During shedding seasons, brush daily to keep loose hairs at bay.

A bath every few months in a mild doggy shampoo is plenty to keep their coat clean and smelling fresh.

Beyond weekly brushing, follow these tips for easy Dachshund Rottweiler mix grooming:

  • Trim nails monthly to prevent painful cracks and breaks. Introduce proper nail care early.
  • Inspect and wipe out floppy ears weekly to prevent infection-causing waxy buildup.
  • Brush teeth frequently with dog-safe toothpaste to fight plaque, tartar, and bad breath.

Your Dachshund Rottweiler mix will look its best by keeping up with these basic grooming tasks! Their low-maintenance coat is part of what makes this hybrid so appealing.

Dachshund Rottweiler Mix Health Issues: What Prospective Owners Need to Know

Like all dogs, Dachshund Rottweiler mixes are prone to specific health conditions. Awareness of their potential issues is essential for any prospective owner. Here are some to keep on your radar:


  • IVDD: Intervertebral disc disease causes back pain and paralysis. Ramp access and avoiding obesity helps.
  • Allergies: Both parent breeds are allergy-prone. Look for itchy skin, ear infections, and hot spots.
  • Bloat: Deep-chested breeds like Rottweilers can experience deadly bloat. Don’t let your pup vigorously exercise right after eating.
  • Joint dysplasia: This painful joint degeneration stems from improper bone growth. Supply chondroitin supplements.
  • Eye issues: Dachshunds are disposed to progressive retinal atrophy. Schedule regular vet ophthalmology exams.

Responsible Dachshund Rottweiler mix breeders should screen parent dogs for these and other hereditary conditions.

Your spirited hybrid can enjoy a long, healthy life with proper preventative care and vet supervision!

Bringing Home Your Dachshund Rottweiler Mix Puppy: A Checklist for New Owners

Once you’ve found a responsible breeder, the exciting day will arrive when you bring home your Dachshund Rottweiler mix puppy! Preparing ahead helps ensure a smooth transition.

Shopping List: Must-Have Supplies

  • Collar & leash: Go for adjustable styles to accommodate growth.
  • ID tag: Customize with your pup’s name and your contact information.
  • Food & water bowls: Opt for sturdy ceramic or stainless steel models that won’t tip easily.
  • Puppy food: Continue feeding the brand your breeder used until transitioning slowly to adult food.
  • Crate: Vital for both potty training and preventing destruction. Be sure to buy the right size crate when your pup is fully grown.
  • Puppy pads: This help teaches good potty habits until your pup is fully house-trained.
  • Dog bed: Select cozy orthopedic styles with removable, washable covers.
  • Grooming supplies: Stock up on nail clippers, dog-safe toothpaste, shampoo, and shedding tools.

Preparing Your Home

Before pickup day, puppy-proof your home by:

  • Removing dangerous objects and household toxins
  • Securing loose electrical wires and covering outlets
  • Latching cupboards and hiding garbage cans
  • Moving fragile decor up to higher shelves

Take your Dachshund Rottweiler mix outside to potty frequently until they learn proper toileting habits. Crate training also assists with potty training and prevents destructive chewing.


Finally, book that first vet appointment to ensure your puppy gets a clean bill of health! Early vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick control are crucial for your pup’s well-being.

Feeding Your Dachshund Rottweiler Mix: Diet Tips for Owners

Proper nutrition is critical for any growing puppy. To fuel all that aggressive energy, provide your Dachshund Rottweiler mix with a high-quality dry puppy food formulated for medium or large-breed dogs. Split meals into three or four portions spaced throughout the day.

Around six months old, gradually transition your Doxie-Rottie to adult dog food. Feed your adult dog two meals daily.

To prevent obesity, stick to the recommended serving sizes based on your pup’s ideal weight.

Dog foods tailored to the nutritional needs of small or medium breeds are your best bet. Opt for formulas with glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health. As always, provide a constant supply of fresh, clean water.

Avoid overindulging your begging pup with too many treats or table scraps. The occasional dental chew, frozen Kong, or a piece of carrot or apple is pleasing. Be sure treats are at most 10 percent of your dog’s daily calories.

Your Dachshund Rottweiler mix will thrive for years with proper nutrition and exercise! Those feisty puppy energy levels will taper off around age two, slowing to a more manageable adult pace.

Bringing Home the Cuteness: Adopting a Dachshund Rottweiler Mix

Where can you find your perfect Dachshund Rottweiler mix? Responsible breeders and shelters/rescues are great options. Here are tips for choosing the right source:


Breeders: Vet potential breeders thoroughly. Visit their facility in person and ask lots of questions.

Reputable breeders should health test parent dogs and offer a health guarantee for puppies. Expect to pay $500 to over $1000+ depending on the breeder’s location and reputation.

Shelters/rescues: Adopting saves a deserving dog in need. Many dedicated Dachshund and Rottweiler breed-specific rescues exist across the country.

Shelters also receive the occasional Doxie-Rottie mix in the condition of a home. Adoption fees typically range from $100 to $300.

No matter where you find your Dachshund Rottweiler mix, always see the pup with its mom and litter.

Observe the environment and interactions carefully to ensure good breeding and socialization practices are followed.

Dachshund Rottweiler Mixes: Are They Right for You?

Before welcoming one of these aggressive hybrids home, be sure you can adequately care for their unique needs. Dachshund Rottweiler mixes require:

  • Activity: At least 30 minutes of daily exercise plus access to a fenced yard. These energetic pups love to run and play!
  • Training: Early socialization and obedience training to nurture good manners and curb stubborn tendencies. An experienced owner is a must.
  • Grooming: Weekly brushing and occasional bathing to keep their short coat looking slick and shiny.
  • Time: Lots of quality time and interaction to prevent separation anxiety and problem behaviors like excessive barking.
  • Patience: These strong-willed pups will test your limits! But putting in the work will build an unbreakable bond.

If you’re up for channeling all that sass and smarts into a well-loved companion, a Dachshund Rottweiler mix will bring years of devoted affection, fun, and lively spirit to your home!

Parting Thoughts

The unique mix between two iconic German breeds produces a dog like any other. Sassy Dachshund Rottweiler mixes perfectly blend the best qualities of both their parent breeds.


These devoted, lively companions will constantly surprise you with their huge personalities.

Early socialization and training are crucial to nurturing a well-adjusted dog. But the time and effort invested will reward you exponentially down the road.

Still, have questions about this feisty hybrid? Feel free to reach out! I’m always happy to chat about Dachshund Rottweiler mixes and help match prospective owners with the perfect pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big do Dachshund Rottweiler mixes get?

  • Doxie-Rotties typically reach 15 to 30 pounds as adults. Their compact size makes them an ideal pet for urban dwellers and those with limited space.

Are Dachshund Rottweiler mixes aggressive?

  • Properly socialized Doxie-Rotties are rarely aggressive without cause. However, their watchdog instincts make them excellent alert barkers.

Do Dachshund Rottweiler mixes bark a lot?

  • They can be vocal dogs. However, barking tendencies vary by individual. Ensure your pup receives adequate exercise, training, and attention to prevent nuisance barking.

Are Dachshund Rottweiler mixes healthy dogs?

  • Like all hybrids, Doxie-Rotties are at risk for certain inherited conditions. But they can enjoy good health with responsible health testing by breeders and proper preventative veterinary care.

Do Dachshund Rottweiler mixes shed?

  • Moderate shedders, they “blow” their coats twice annually. Regular brushing keeps shedding manageable between coat blows.

Are Dachshund Rottweiler good family dogs?

  • Kids and multi-pet households can be great for Border Collies if they are properly socialized from an early age. Border Collies are affectionate and playful and thrive on being part of the action.


In summary, the Dachshund Rottweiler mix packs an outsized personality into its pint-sized body. They blend the best qualities of two very different but equally iconic breeds.

Lively and devoted companions, Doxie-Rotties require proper training, ample exercise, regular grooming, and lots of quality time with their owners. Investing in their needs results in a wonderfully unique canine companion.

A well-trained Dachshund Rottweiler mix can thrive in various living situations With its compact size, moderate activity needs, and low-maintenance coat. They make excellent pets for the right individual or family.


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