How Much to Feed Rottweiler Puppy? Complete Feeding Guide

Welcome to the Comprehensive Guide to Nourishing Your Beloved Rottweiler The arrival of an endearing rottweiler pup into your life marks a thrilling juncture!

Yet, among the foremost queries that new rottweiler caretakers grapple with is, How Much to Feed Rottweiler Puppy?  Nurturing them with the right sustenance forms the bedrock of cultivating a thriving, joyous gentle behemoth.

Within the confines of this all-encompassing nourishment compendium, you shall acquire precise insights into the quantum of sustenance to bestow upon your rottweiler throughout various phases of their life and various body weights.

Furthermore, you shall glean wisdom on nourishment, dietary blueprints, nourishment methodologies, and much more.

Let us delve deep and unearth the essentials of catering to these magnificent rotties!

Guidelines for How Much to Feed Rottweiler Puppy?

The quantum of sustenance you furnish your rottweiler should be bespoke, in perfect harmony with their age, heft, and activity intensity. Presented below are overarching directives:


Rottweiler Puppy Sustenance

When your rottweiler pup is a tender 8-week-old, the scale on which they tip shall read 15-25 pounds, necessitating roughly 1,100 calories on a daily basis. This roughly corresponds to a disbursement of 3-4 portions of puppy kibble, judiciously divided into 3-4 servings.

Upon reaching the 3-4-month milestone, they shall demand approximately 1,700 calories and 4 1/2 – 6 servings of food, distributed over 3-4 feedings.

Keep a vigilant watch over your rottweiler pup’s corporeal constitution, ideally discernible through a slender waist and faintly discernible ribs.

When the 5-6-month juncture arrives and their scale registers 50-70 pounds, it is incumbent upon you to proffer 2,100 calories and distribute 5 1/2 – 7 1/2 servings of kibble across 2-3 meals.

It is at this stage that you shall slowly commence the gradual transition from puppy to adult canine victuals.

Mature Rottweiler Sustenance

For mature rottweilers, aged 1-7 years and harboring a weighty stature within the range of 85-135 pounds, the quantum of sustenance diverges appreciably contingent on their activity quotient.


The less active rotties shall require roughly 1,700-2,000 calories on a day-to-day basis, while their exceedingly spirited compatriots may necessitate an uptick to as much as 3,000 calories.

This translates to a ballpark figure of 4 – 8 servings of kibble, judiciously divided into 2 diurnal repasts.

Sustenance for Elderly

Rottweilers As your rottweiler traverses into their twilight years, commencing from 8 years of age and onward, it becomes de rigueur to curtail sustenance portions to align with their declining metabolism.

A senior rottweiler of a somewhat sedentary disposition may find solace in a dietary allocation hovering within the ambit of 900-1,300 calories each day.

It is prudent to confer with your veterinary authority concerning the dietary regimen of your senior canine.

Irrespective of their chronological station, perform periodic assessments of your rottweiler’s bodily form and make the necessary adjustments to the sustenance quantities to ensure their continued robustness and vitality. Now, let us pivot to the methodologies and timetables of nourishment.

Sustenance Methodologies and Timetables

Abiding by impeccable nourishment methodologies shall bestow merriment upon your rottweiler and permit you to meticulously oversee their sustenance consumption.

Take meticulous care in the gauging of kibble using a receptacle. For wet comestibles, resort to the scales for precision.


Disseminate food consistently at designated hours each day – say, at 7 o’clock in the morning and 5 o’clock in the evening. This allows for the harmonization of your rottie’s digestive rhythms.

Preset meals both antecedent to and subsequent to periods of vigorous exertion to thwart the scourge of bloat. Confer periods of repose before and after meals.

Upon the embarkation of the transition from one variant of nourishment to another, introduce a modicum of the fresh kibble into the old regimen, progressively elevating the ratio over the course of 7-10 days.

In addition to their regular victuals, always proffer an abundant wellspring of clean water, refreshed at frequent intervals. Temptation in the form of treats ought to be reserved for occasions extraneous to the meals.

Pledging allegiance to an unwavering and calendrical system of nourishment provision shall culminate in the emergence of a hale and judiciously regulated rottweiler, irrespective of their age!

Rottweiler Sustenance:

The Nexus of Nutrients and Nourishment The task of handpicking the ideal dietary regimen and nutrients attuned to your rottweiler’s age and vitality level constitutes the cornerstone of their well-being.

Nutritional Prerequisites for Rottweiler Puppies

Nourishment for rottweiler pups warrants the inclusion of proteins sourced from creatures for the fostering of muscle advancement.


The presence of DHA is imperative to foster cerebral growth. Superlative choices encompass Royal Canin Rottweiler Puppy and Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy.

Nutritional Requisites for Adult Rottweilers

The sustenance of adult rottweilers necessitates the orchestration of an equilibrium between proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Embrace the inclusion of whole grains, typified by brown rice. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Breed proves indispensable for the sustenance of robust joints. Always subject any modifications to a preliminary exchange of ideas with your veterinary practitioner.

Nutritional Stipulations for Senior Rottweilers

As rottweilers progress through the stages of life, there might arise a necessity for the addition of joint-enhancing supplements or nourishment specifically tailored for seniors, such as Purina Pro Plan Senior.

Collaborate in concert with your veterinary specialist to effect dietary shifts for the geriatric rottweiler.


Regardless of the milestone they have reached, persist in the provision of a perennial source of clean water for your rottweiler. The synergy of fitting sustenance and hydration emerges as non-negotiable for your rottie’s well-being.

Selecting the Optimum Nourishment for Rottweilers

The act of cherry-picking the fitting aliment sets the underpinnings for your rottweiler’s sustenance at every rung of their existence.

Puppy Rations

For burgeoning rottweiler pups, a superlative choice lies in the deployment of a high-grade kibble formulated especially for large breeds.

Prioritize the incorporation of constituents such as poultry, aquatic creatures, fruits, vegetables, and intact grains. The protein component should primarily emanate from creature-based sources.

Adult Comestibles

A top-tier kibble customized to the prerequisites of large breeds provides a sturdy foundation for mature rottweilers.

Focus on products imbued with glucosamine and chondroitin, known for their support of articulations. Augmenting the regimen with a dose of wet comestibles injects a modicum of moisture and delectation.

Senior Sustenance

As your rottweiler progresses into their later years, they might derive benefit from transitioning to a joint-fortified dietary formula optimized for senior canines, which is gentler on their gnashers and kinder to their digestive system. Engage in a dialog with your veterinary authority concerning the array of options.

No matter the category of comestibles, orchestrate the shift from one diet to another in a gradual manner, infusing increasing proportions of the novel sustenance into your rottweiler’s current kibble over a span of 7-10 days.

Final Thoughts

Armed with this trove of wisdom, you now possess the acumen required for nourishing your rottweiler in a manner befitting their age and stage of life!

Remember to calibrate the rations based on body weight, activity quotient, and corporeal condition.

Dispense a nourishment of superior quality that aligns with their age cohort. And, above all else, lavish your rottie with an abundance of affection as you shepherd your pup into the realm of a splendid adult companion!


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