Long-Haired German Rottweiler: Your New Furry Heart throb.

Alright, dog lovers. I’ve got a real treat in store for you today. We’re going on an epic adventure to discover everything there is to know about an extra special type of Rottweiler from Deutschland – the Long-Haired German Rottweiler!

Now, I know what you’re thinking…a long-haired Rottie? For real? You bet your bratwurst, my friend! This unique variety of everyone’s favorite block-headed breed totally exists.

And let me tell ya, they’re heart-meltingly gorgeous. I’m talking luscious locks, dreamy eyes, and supermodel good looks.

But it’s not just about appearances with these dogs. Long-Haired German Rottweilers have beauty and brawn, the total package.

Join me on this fun-filled quest to uncover the origins, personality, health, grooming needs and more when it comes to Long-Haired German Rottweilers. By the end, you’ll be head over heels for these hairy hunks – guaranteed!

Alright, schnell, schnell…let’s get started!

A Hairy History: The Origins of Long-Haired German Rottweilers

To understand where Long-Haired German Rottweilers come from, we’ve gotta go way back in history – we’re talking Middle Ages here, folks!


Rottweilers as a breed originated in a town called Rottweil in southwest Germany. Back in the medieval times, they were used as mighty cattle dogs that could protect and herd livestock. No one messed with those fierce farm pups!

Now, in these early days, Rottweilers came in both short-haired and long-haired varieties. Wooly-coated Rottweilers were just as common as their sleek short-haired cousins.

But in the late 19th century, dog shows became all the rage. And for whatever reason, fancy show judges preferred smooth-coated dogs over fluffy ones.

So breeders started selecting only short-haired Rottweilers to breed together. And slowly but surely, the long-haired Germans Rottweilers faded out of the spotlight. Such a tragedy!

Luckily, long-haired genes must have continued being passed down here and there. Because lo and behold, in the 1980s long-coated German Rottie pups started occasionally popping up again in litters!

Turns out, some dedicated German breeders had made it their mission to revive the long-haired variety. And after years of carefully breeding long-coated dogs, they succeeded in resurrecting this vintage style of Rottweiler.

Nowadays, while they’re still uncommon, Long-Haired German Rottweilers are making a serious comeback. And dog lovers everywhere are falling head over heels for these stunning pups.

Those Germans really know how to engineer a phenomenal dog breed – and the Long-Haired Rottweiler is no exception!

Living Artwork: The Breathtaking Appearance of Long-Haired German Rottweilers

Alright, I know you’re all dying for the dirty details on what Long-Haired German Rottweilers actually look like. Well, ask and you shall receive!


These marvelous pups are truly works of canine art. Let’s take our time appreciating all the little details that make them such masterpieces. We’ll start from the top and work our way down:

Majestic Mane: The most glorious feature of the Long-Haired German Rottweiler has to be their luscious, lavish locks. Their coats are medium to long length and oh-so-flowy. The hairs gently wave and feather across their body. Glisteny, gorgeous perfection!

Darling Face: Peer beneath all that hair and you’ll see the sweet, soulful face of a Rottweiler staring back at you. They have the trademark square head, dark round eyes, and puckered cheeks. Total heart-melter!

fabulous Fringe: Adorning their forehead, Long-Haired German Rotties rock an iconic fringe of fur. It’s like bangs for dogs! This pretty fringe blows gently in the breeze when they run. Iconic.

Elegant Ears: While most Rotties have cropped ears, Long-Haired Germans often rock natural floppy ears covered in the most perfect silky tufts. They frame these pups’ faces so beautifully.

Stunning Markings: Beneath that flowing fur, you’ll find the classic Rottweiler black and tan markings. Long-Haired Germans have brown eyebrows, cheeks, chest, and legs that pop against the black. Chef’s kiss!

Plumed Tail: Their tails are works of art, fully plumed with long feathery fur. And they wag those tails a mile a minute when they’re happy!

Perfectly Proportioned: Make no mistake, beneath that hair you’ll find a powerfully built Rottweiler body. Long-Haired Germans are sturdy and muscular but covered in soft tresses.

As you can see, these dogs are the best of both worlds – brawny and beautiful. Now that’s what I call a masterpiece! Michelangelo’s David ain’t got nothing on the Long-Haired German Rottweiler.

Alright, enough about looks. Let’s get to know the inner beauty of these marvelous pups…

More Than Meets The Eye: Long-Haired German Rottweiler Temperament and Personality

Beauty might only be fur deep, but when it comes to Long-Haired German Rottweilers, gorgeousness goes all the way to the core!


These magnificent dogs have hearts of gold to match their flowing fur. Let’s take a look under the hood at what makes Long-Haired German Rotties tick:

Loyal: Like all Rottweilers, Long-Haired Germans form intense bonds with their people. They’ll stick by your side through thick and thin once you earn their devotion.

Affectionate: Beneath their intimidating exterior lies a cuddly softie! Long-Haired German Rottweilers soak up every ounce of love and affection you’re willing to give.

People-Pleasing: This breed aims to make their owner happy, whether that means mastering commands or playing till they drop. They love bonding with their special person.

Protective: With their strong guardian history, Long-Haired Germans have those protective instincts on lock. But they only get aggressive when absolutely needed to keep their family safe.

Confident: You’ll never find a Long-Haired German Rottie acting shy or anxious. They tackle life with self-assurance and always hold their head high.

Intelligent: Behind those dreamy eyes lies an incredibly smart brain. Long-Haired Germans are super trainable and pick up on things quickly when motivated.

Calm: While Long-Haired German Rottweilers love active fun, they’re totally chill to relax at home too. They have an off switch and happily snuggle on the couch.

With proper care and training, Long-Haired German Rottweilers make incredible companions. Who said you can’t have both beauty and brains? This breed totally breaks the mold.

Pampered Pooch: Grooming a Long-Haired German Rottweiler

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How much work is it really to keep a Long-Haired German Rottweiler looking snatched? Time for some grooming talk!


First, the shedding situation. Sadly, no long haired dog is totally non-shedding. So Long-Haired German Rotties do lose some hair year-round.

During shedding seasons in spring and fall, you better bust out the vacuum. Loose fur will tumbleweed around your home as they blow their coat!

Now for grooming. A Long-Haired German Rottie’s luscious locks require daily brushing to avoid tangles and mats. Use a slicker brush and metal comb to detangle every inch from head to tail.

As far as bathing, every 6-8 weeks is ideal. Use a moisturizing dog shampoo to clean coat and skin without drying them out. Blow dry thoroughly on low heat until fully dried.

To maintain their pretty paws, trim nails monthly. And brush teeth weekly to prevent dental issues. Check and wipe ears weekly too for any waxy buildup.

Most Long-Haired German Rottie owners opt to keep their face and feet hair trimmed short for easy care. But the rest of the body hair can be kept natural length.

The good news? While that sounds like a lot, you’ll quickly get grooming down to a science. Think of it as relaxing bonding time with your pup!

And don’t forget, occasional professional grooming is a good idea. The groomer can give your Long-Haired German Rottie a haircut, bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and teeth brushing – the whole shebang!

Put in the time regularly to groom them, and your Long-Haired German Rottweiler will wow everyone with their glamorous good looks.

Appetite for Activity: Exercising Your Long-Haired German Rottweiler

You can’t have a high maintenance coat without a high maintenance exercise routine! Long-Haired German Rottweilers need plenty of daily activity to stay happy and healthy.


Plan on at least 60-90 minutes of exercise every day. Long-Haired German Rotties thrive on walks, runs, hikes, swimming – anything that keeps them moving!

These energetic working dogs also adore playing fetch, tug of war, and interactive toys. Anything that challenges their brains too is a bonus.

Keep those long-haired joints healthy with low impact exercise like swimming. The water therapy helps build muscle while avoiding too much pounding on sidewalks or dirt trails.

And don’t forget mental stimulation! Food puzzle toys, obedience training, scent work and agility activities keep your Long-Haired German Rottweiler’s brilliant mind buzzing.

Make sure to socialize them extensively as a puppy too. Take them everywhere to meet all sorts of people so they grow into well-rounded adults.

Satisfy your Long-Haired German Rottweiler’s needs daily for exercise and mental enrichment, and you’ll have the perfect adventure companion for life!

Home Sweet Home: Long-Haired German Rottweiler Living Requirements

So we’ve covered the grooming, exercise, training and everything in between. But what’s it actually like to share your home and life with one of these marvelous dogs?

First, the good stuff. Long-Haired German Rottweilers can adapt well to any living situation – apartments, houses, farms, you name it. They’re pretty flexible!

Their calm demeanor makes them excellent house dogs. A few walks and some playtime, and they’re totally content to snooze by your feet.

Long-Haired German Rotties also get along great with kids, other pets, and polite strangers once socialized properly. They love having a bustling household!

Of course, those flowing Rottweiler locks mean things like your floors and clothes may never be fur-free again. The struggle is real.

And leaving a Long-Haired German Rottie alone for long hours can lead to mischief or stress. They thrive on companionship.

But overall, these adaptable dogs are a joy to live with! Their sweet, loyal nature makes up for any hassles tenfold.

If you’re willing to put in the time caring for their coat and exercise needs, a Long-Haired German Rottweiler will give you a lifetime of love and laughter. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Diet and Healthcare: Keeping Your Long-Haired German Rottweiler Fit as a Fiddle

Any good dog owner knows that exercise and training are only half the battle. You’ve also got to feed your pup right and keep up with vet visits!

Let’s quickly chat diet and healthcare for Long-Haired German Rottweilers so you can keep yours in tip top shape:

Diet: As large, active dogs, Long-Haired German Rotties need a high-quality diet with adequate protein, fat and nutrients. Choose a large breed dry food formulated for their life stage.

Healthcare: Take your Long-Haired German Rottweiler for annual vet exams, monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention, and any necessary vaccines. Better safe than sorry!

Grooming: Book those professional grooming sessions every 6-8 weeks in addition to your daily brushing. Your groomer will alert you to any concerns.

Exercise: Stick to moderate, low-impact exercise while your Long-Haired German Rottie is growing to avoid joint damage. Limit high-intensity activities until adulthood.

Follow these tips religiously, and you can expect your marvelous Long-Haired German Rottweiler to enjoy excellent health well into their senior years.

These hardy pups usually live between 9-12 years. Not bad at all for a giant breed! Just show them plenty of TLC along the way.

Long-Haired German Rottweiler Breeders: Finding Your Perfect Pup

Alright – after reading all about their movie star good looks and fairytale personality, you’re probably itching to bring home a Long-Haired German Rottie of your very own!

Lucky for you, while rare, reputable breeders specializing in Long-Haired German Rottweilers do exist. Let’s look at what to expect during your breeder search.

Since they’re uncommon, you should expect to be placed on a waiting list to get a Long-Haired German Rottweiler puppy. Good things come to those who wait!

Top-notch breeders will health test their breeding dogs for common issues like hip dysplasia. They should provide proof of this.

You’ll also get to meet at least the puppy’s mother dog (and hopefully the father too!) This is crucial to evaluate temperament.

A responsible breeder will also ask you lots of questions to ensure one of their pups is a good match for your lifestyle.

And they’ll offer lifelong support and take back any dog who doesn’t work out. That’s the mark of an ethical operation.

While the upfront cost is higher, buying from a reputable breeder is the best way to get a happy, healthy Long-Haired German Rottweiler! Do your research to find the perfect fit.

Doggy Dream Come True: Adopting a Long-Haired German Rottweiler

If going through a breeder isn’t in the cards, don’t despair! Adopting a Long-Haired German Rottweiler is still an option.


Check with local Rottweiler rescues to see if they have any grown Long-Haired German Rotties looking for loving homes. You never know!

The perks of adopting include:

  • Saving the life of a dog in need
  • Usually lower costs than buying from a breeder
  • Access to the dog’s health and background info from previous owners
  • Still lots of years left even with an adult dog
  • The joy of giving an unwanted pet a second chance

With a rescue dog, you won’t get the full puppy experience. But adopters say the rewards of adopting are just as great!

No matter what path you choose, do your research to find your perfect Long-Haired German Rottie soulmate. They’re out there waiting for you!

The Verdict: Are Majestic Long-Haired German Rottweilers Right for You?

Well, we’ve come to the end of our epic quest to unveil the mysteries of the Long-Haired German Rottweiler. Was it everything you dreamed of and more?

By now, I hope you have a good grasp on what makes these incredible dogs tick. In a nutshell, here are the highlights:

Looks: With their glorious flowing locks, Long-Haired German Rotties are quite literally the supermodels of the canine world. Effortlessly beautiful!

Personality: Beneath the majestic exterior lies a gentle giant – loyal, calm, affectionate, and always down for adventure.

Care: That luscious coat requires regular grooming to keep it mat-free. And Long-Haired German Rotties need plenty of exercise and training.

Health: Overall hardy, but prone to some large breed issues that need to be monitored. With care, they can live 9-12 years.

Good Fit For: Active homes looking for a loyal companion to share life’s adventures with – rain or shine!

At the end of the day, I can’t promise these marvelous dogs will stay out of your hair…but I can promise they’ll find a way into your heart!

Thanks for sticking with me on this fun journey into the world of Long-Haired German Rottweilers. My passion for these fabulous fuzzy pups runs deep, so chat anytime to nerd out about them more!

Until then, wishing you and your future Long-Haired German Rottie many happy years of snuggles ahead. Auf Wiedersehen for now!


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