Pros and Cons of Owning a Rottweiler: What You Should Consider

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Rottweiler are important things to consider before welcoming one of these powerful pups into your home. With their intimidating stature yet goofy grin, Rottweilers can seem like the perfect pet.

Their natural protectiveness makes them excellent guard dogs, while their lovable nature endears them to families.

However, managing Rottie’s strength and energy is no easy task. Before falling for those puppy eyes at the shelter, be sure you understand the rewards and responsibilities of raising a Rottweiler right.

Otherwise, you may end up with a nightmarish hound instead of a loyal best friend. Knowing the trade-offs of life with a Rottie will prepare you for the road ahead.

The Advantages of Owning a Rottweiler

Rottweilers get a bad rap as vicious attack dogs, but owners know these big babies have hearts of gold.


Their intimidating appearance hides many desirable qualities, making them wonderful companions when properly raised.

Here’s the scoop on the major perks of sharing your home with one of these misunderstood gentle giants.

Boundlessly Devoted

  • Rotties form intensely strong bonds with their people that last a lifetime.
  • They shower loved ones with endless affection and kisses.
  • Always eager to please, they aim to make their owners happy.
  • Rottweilers will follow you from room to room to be near you.
  • Few breeds exhibit the loyalty of a Rottie who feels loved in return.

Cuddly Despite Their Size

  • Weighing up to 135 pounds, Rottweilers are ponderous pups.
  • But they think they’re lap dogs! Rotties love to snuggle up close.
  • They’ll nudge under your arm so you can scratch their belly.
  • Silly and playful, they enjoy romping around the yard.
  • After exercise, expect giant Rotties to plop right on top of you.

Natural Protectors

  • Rotties have strong guarding instincts and won’t hesitate to defend their turf.
  • With proper training, they learn when to alarm bark vs when to settle.
  • Not many burglars will mess with a vocal Rottweiler!
  • Walks feel safer with a burly Rottie watching your back.
  • Despite rumours, Rotties only attack if extremely threatened when defending owners.

As you can see, living with a Rottweiler has some great advantages in the companionship department! Just be ready for giant hugs, slobbery kisses, and a furry bodyguard for life.

The Disadvantages of Owning a Rottweiler

Rottweilers aren’t the right fit for every family. Their size, strength, and protective tendencies can cause some drawbacks for owners who aren’t prepared.


But don’t let the cons scare you off – with responsible Rottie parenting, these obstacles can be overcome!

Here’s the tea on the biggest disadvantages you may face from one of these big lovebugs.

Aggression Comes Natural

  • Rotties have strong territorial instincts that can cause aggression with poor socialization.
  • Males tend to be dominant and won’t back down from a fight.
  • Early and ongoing training is key to curbing aggressive and reactive behavior.
  • Rotties may be aggressive toward other dogs, especially those of the same sex.
  • Their bark and intimidating presence alone can scare strangers.

Little Kids? Maybe Not

  • Rotties can misunderstand a small child’s behavior as threatening.
  • They may also knock down young kids accidentally due to their size.
  • With training, some Rotties do fine with older, respectful kids.
  • However, households with babies or toddlers don’t fit this breed best.
  • Their herding instincts can make them a bit “mouthy” with little ones.

Big Requirements

  • Rotties need intense daily exercise – we’re talking hours of activity.
  • Bored Rottweilers easily demolish your furnishings and belongings.
  • They require expansive living spaces indoors and out.
  • Rotties have poor heat tolerance and prefer cooler climates.
  • Ownership costs for food, vet care, and replacing their destruction are high.

Rottweiler ownership is rewarding, but not for the novice dog lover. If you’re ready to take on the responsibility of managing this powerful breed, the payoff in love and loyalty is immense!

Rottweiler Ownership Requirements


Before adding a Rottweiler to your pack, ensure you can provide everything this demanding breed needs.

Rotties require special considerations regarding their environment, care, training and more.

You’ll have a stressed, destructive, or aggressive dog if you slack on their needs!

Home Sweet Home

  • Rotties need ample indoor and outdoor space to feel content.
  • A small, confined home is unsuitable for this active, large breed.
  • Fenced backyards are a must so they can burn energy off-leash.
  • Access to fresh water, shade, and shelter is key if kept outside.
  • Hardwood or tile flooring can spare your carpets from paw dirt and drool!

Time to Get Physical

  • Plan on devoting at least 2 hours of exercise daily.
  • Rotties thrive on activities like jogging, hiking, swimming, or play.
  • Mental enrichment through obedience training, puzzles, and nose work also tires them.
  • Without enough activity, Rotties often entertain themselves through destruction!
  • Be prepared to brave the weather and prioritize exercise every single day.

Training Is a Must

  • Early socialization and obedience class enrollment are vital.
  • Rotties should learn basic commands like sit, stay, come, and heel.
  • More advanced training builds an even stronger communication bond.
  • You must establish yourself as the calm, consistent pack leader.
  • Trainers can also advise you on curbing any aggressive or reactive behaviors.

Grooming and Health

  • Expect to brush and bathe your Rottie weekly to control shedding and that signature Rottie aroma!
  • Nail trims every 2 weeks are key to avoid scratches.
  • Schedule annual vet exams to catch any emerging health issues promptly.
  • Budget for medications, therapies, or surgeries over your Rottie’s lifetime.
  • Research breeders carefully for the healthiest bloodlines.

Yes, Rotties are demanding dogs! But their awesome personality and devotion more than makeup for their extensive care needs.

Tips for Being a Responsible Rottweiler Owner

Bringing home a Rottweiler is a big deal – their care and training often intimidate new owners.


But with the right prep and know-how, you can set your Rottie up for success instead of surrendering to a shelter in defeat.

Follow these pro tips, and you’ll show the world what an amazing canine companion this misunderstood breed makes!

Start Socializing ASAP

  • Enroll in puppy kindergarten for basic manners and exposure to new dogs/people.
  • Invite friends over regularly so your Rottie learns to welcome guests politely.
  • Bring your pup on outings to experience sights, sounds, and strange situations while young.
  • Introduce babies, kids, elderly folks and the diversity of humans early on.
  • Well-rounded social skills prevent fearfulness and guarding behavior issues down the road.

Establish Your Leadership

  • Use reward-based training to teach commands that build respect for your guidance.
  • Be firm, confident, and consistent when directing or correcting poor behavior.
  • Ongoing obedience classes reinforce you as the trusted pack leader your Rottie should obey.
  • Eat before your Rottie, walk through doorways first, and claim the best spots on the couch to set status.
  • A Rottie with an uncertain leader may try to assume the alpha role instead!

Stimulate the Body and Brain

  • Schedule two long, vigorous activity sessions per day to prevent boredom.
  • Switch up the location, duration and type to keep their mind engaged, too.
  • Interactive toys, chews, lick mats, food puzzles and KONGs prevent idle time.
  • Practice commands, agility skills and nose work during play breaks.
  • A tired Rottweiler equals a well-behaved Rottweiler!

Follow these guidelines, and I promise you’ll end up with the ultimate canine companion – one other owner envy anytime you hit the town!

Signs You Might Be Well-Suited to Own a Rottweiler

Rottweilers get a bad reputation for being aggressive, unruly beasts who challenge their owners. But that stereotype stems from ignorant people getting over their heads with this demanding breed.


Rotties need experienced owners who can provide structure, activity, and TLC. If the below sounds like you, say hello to your perfect pet match!

You’re a Tough Dog Lover

  • You’ve successfully handled large or intimidating breeds before.
  • Training and managing dogs comes naturally to you.
  • You have no qualms establishing your role as a firm pack leader.
  • Agility training or advanced obedience classes appeal to you.
  • You adore that dopey, playful nature hiding beneath tough exteriors.

An Active Homebody

  • You live in a spacious single-family house with a big yard.
  • Your lifestyle or job affords you ample time for pet care.
  • You already hike, jog, or work out daily anyway.
  • Rain or snow won’t stop you from taking long walks.
  • You crave adventure and want a workout buddy.

Older Kids Only!

  • Your kids are all respectful, older teens.
  • Little ones won’t be visiting and pestering your new dog.
  • Your household follows consistent rules and schedules.
  • Everyone is willing to pitch in on training and exercise.
  • You want increased security with an intimidating yet family-friendly watchdog.

If this list describes your ideal lifestyle, don’t let the naysayers deter you – make that Rottweiler your newest family member today!


With the proper devotion and know-how, you’ll form an incredible bond with this special breed.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far, it should be obvious that Rottweilers require a seriously dedicated owner.

But don’t let their extensive care and training needs overwhelm you. Their unwavering devotion and fun-loving antics make every bit of hard work worthwhile!

Key Takeaways

  • Rotties bond hard and become the ultimate loyal companion with time and patience.
  • Their protective nature makes them phenomenal watchdogs for safety.
  • Rottweilers love wholeheartedly…but destruction ensues without proper outlets.
  • Raising them right takes expertise, effort and $$$ – but it is not impossible for newcomers willing to learn!
  • The payoff for responsible Rottweiler ownership results in a friend for life.

Ask Yourself:

  • Does my lifestyle align well with this energetic working breed’s needs?
  • Do I have the time, money and housing to care for a Rottweiler properly?
  • Am I ready to train, socialize and establish leadership from day one?
  • Can I provide this powerful dog with adequate outlets and enrichment?

If you’ve got the means and desire to welcome one of these gentle giants into your abode, I promise you won’t regret the fun times and lasting memories ahead.

Just be sure to brush up on your Rottweiler parenting skills. And get ready for big ol’ smiles, bear hugs, and sloppy kisses galore!

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