Roman Rottweiler Price – How Much Does This Rare Breed Cost in 2023?

Locating the elusive Roman Rottweiler proves to be a formidable task, leaving individuals pondering the enigma of its price tag.

Amidst their prevailing acclaim, the Roman Rottweilers’ elusiveness induces fluctuations in their market values.

Nonetheless, these majestic canines surpass their German Rottweiler counterparts in sheer size and robust stature, endowing them with an inherently exotic allure.

Roman Rottweiler vs. German Rottweiler Price Comparison

If you harbor inquiries about the monetary investment required for a Rottweiler, it’s essential to acknowledge the substantial divergence in cost when contrasting the standard Rottweiler with its Roman counterpart.

The price spectrum exhibits considerable fluidity contingent upon your geographical whereabouts and the accessibility of canine offspring.


However, one must grasp that Roman Rottweilers, by and large, command a premium that far exceeds the financial commitment for their German counterparts.

The acquisition of a Roman Rottweiler oftentimes necessitates an outlay ranging from $1000 to $5000, whereas the procurement of a German Rottweiler typically entails a fiscal commitment not surpassing the threshold of $2,500.

This discrepancy in cost stems primarily from the rarity characterizing Roman Rottweilers; they are but a scarce offering among dog breeders, a minority within the Rottweiler sphere.

Rottweiler, Roman

Undoubtedly, the inquiry arises as to what confers this breed with its distinctive essence. It merits acknowledgment that while the Rottweiler serves as the foundational archetype for both the Roman and German lineages, profound disparities delineate their respective characteristics.

Physical Characteristics of Roman Rottweiler

The historical accounts reveal that the Roman Rottweiler has consistently exhibited a conspicuous departure in stature when juxtaposed with its German counterpart.

Some proprietors have eloquently characterized them as possessing a more mastiff-like semblance, boasting robust and colossal physiques that stand as a testament to their distinctiveness.

Their cranial dimensions outstrip those of their German brethren, fortified by more pronounced contours and creases adorning their visages.

In bygone eras, Roman Rottweilers presented a kaleidoscope of hues, encompassing the spectrum from ebony and ash to citrine, vermillion, and sepia.

However, the contemporary landscape witnesses a shift, with red and tan-hued Roman Rottweilers assuming an aura of rarity, relinquishing their dominance to the omnipresent ebony-coated brethren.

These hounds command an imposing presence, often alluded to as titanic or colossal in stature.

It is imperative to recognize that this scale may oscillate, contingent upon the individual canine’s development, for not all of them attain equivalent altitudes.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for them to ascend to the impressive stature of 2.5 feet while bearing a weight that scales the zenith at 130 pounds!

This mass is predominantly comprised of sinew, endowing these creatures with remarkable strength and an aura that can occasionally exude an air of assertiveness.

What Is The Diets Cost Roman Rottweiler

A canine endowed with such formidable vigor and vitality demands a copious intake of sustenance. To uphold its well-being, a Rottweiler should partake in the consumption of roughly 4 cups of top-tier, vet-sanctioned kibble on a daily basis.

A sack of dog sustenance weighing in at 30 pounds should suffice for an entire lunar cycle and entails an expenditure of approximately $50 to $60.

Should your inclination lean towards indulgence in regular canine confections, it would be prudent to allocate an additional $10 to $15 each month for the procurement of these delectable treats, ensuring your cherished companion’s gratification.

How Much Does Grooming Cost? Roman Rottweiler

Concerning the realm of grooming, Rottweilers typically fall under the category of low-maintenance canines.

Basic upkeep includes bathing, the occasional trim of their nails, as well as the essential dental and aural hygiene practices, which collectively constitute the bare necessities for preserving the luster of their pelage.


For those inclined toward the domestic approach to grooming, assembling a cache of supplies becomes imperative. The requisite arsenal encompasses an assortment of items such as shampoo, toothpaste, brushes, dental kits, and ear cleaners.

The procurement of these accoutrements typically falls within the span of $50 to $60, enabling one to undertake the grooming regimen in the comfortable confines of their abode, all while ensuring their Rottweiler maintains a well-groomed visage.

How Much Does Roman Rottweiler’s Medical Cost?

To ensure the optimal well-being of your cherished pet, it is prudent to schedule veterinary visits with a frequency of 3 to 4 times annually during their formative years.

Veterinary expenses exhibit a broad range, spanning from $100 to $300, encompassing an array of services that encompass annual wellness assessments, comprehensive blood tests, and a spectrum of preventive care measures.

In instances necessitating further scrutiny or subsequent diagnostic examinations, one must be prepared to allocate an additional outlay within the bracket of $300 to $400.

Alas, akin to all breeds, Rottweilers find themselves susceptible to a litany of health afflictions as they progress through life.

These encompass maladies such as osteochondrosis of the shoulder, entropion, as well as the vexing specters of hip and elbow dysplasia. The anticipated expenditure for addressing these afflictions unfurls as follows:

  • Osteochondrosis of the Shoulder: $2500 to $3000
  • Entropion: $500 to $1000
  • Hip/Elbow Dysplasia: $2000 to $3000

Furthermore, one must not overlook the importance of vaccinations, a vital facet of safeguarding your Rottweiler’s health, with costs ranging from $15 to $25.

The practice of spaying or neutering your beloved companion typically commands a financial commitment spanning from $200 to $500, while the pursuit of microchipping, an essential element in pet identification, necessitates an allocation of $30 to $50.

And when it comes to routine veterinary appointments, these entail a financial outlay within the range of $50 to $100 per visit.

Roman Rottweiler Mental Qualities

Mental attributes abound in the Roman Rottweiler, akin to their German counterparts, and their cognitive prowess is nothing short of remarkable!

These canines display an innate predisposition for learning, rendering them highly amenable to training while harboring a genuine affection for their human companions, their hearts brimming with an eagerness to gratify their owners.


It is no surprise, then, that they have, throughout history, stood as the foremost choice for military service.

Their intrinsic penchant for learning translates into an inherent yearning for instruction, implying that your Roman Rottweiler will thrive under your tutelage.

Furthermore, their natural athleticism beckons the need for physical exertion, and they will derive immense joy from partaking in activities such as a brisk run or an exhilarating bike excursion.

Fearlessness is an intrinsic trait in these canines, and they steadfastly refuse to yield in the face of confrontation.

Their extraordinary physical prowess positions them as stalwart sentinels, making them valued assets in the realms of both military and law enforcement.

Their courage extends to their interactions with children, where their inquisitive nature and zest for exploration shine.

They are inherently imbued with a protective instinct, going to great lengths to safeguard their cherished owners.

Not to be overlooked is their affinity for human company, as they exude kindness and affability.

When raised with care and consideration, they manifest as amiable companions, poised to enhance the lives of those fortunate enough to share their journey.

Health issues with Roman Rottweiler

Roman Rottweilers, much like their German counterparts, can potentially grace our lives for up to 14 years, although it is noteworthy that most tend to bid adieu to this world around their 12th year. Interestingly, it’s the females who typically outlive their male counterparts.


In stark contrast, German Rottweilers often boast a longer lifespan than their Roman brethren.

This divergence can be attributed to the sheer size of Roman Rottweilers, a characteristic that renders them more susceptible to health afflictions commonly encountered among larger breeds.

Among these maladies, hip dysplasia reigns as one of the foremost concerns, a condition that also plagues German Shepherds.

Nevertheless, the journey of potential health woes for your dog may extend to include ACL tears, entropion, issues with obesity, and an assortment of other disorders.

The path to safeguarding your Roman Rottweiler’s well-being hinges upon three fundamental pillars: exercise, diet, and dental health.

First and foremost, it’s imperative to recognize that these dogs harbor a zest for physical activity, and you need not harbor concerns about overexerting them; their boundless reservoirs of energy beckon for daily exercise sessions, each spanning at least 30 minutes.

Engaging in a game of fetch stands as a splendid means to not only fulfill their exercise needs but also stimulate their cognitive faculties.

Secondly, meticulous dietary oversight is paramount. Given their substantial size, Roman Rottweilers demand a diet rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and an array of essential nutrients.

Opting for high-quality dog food is strongly advised over cheaper alternatives, and some discerning dog owners even delve into crafting their own canine culinary creations, finding recipes online to ensure their pets receive the best nutrition.

Lastly, dental health should never be underestimated. An array of dental sticks available on the market can prove highly beneficial for your dog’s oral hygiene.

Alternatively, you may consider incorporating water additives into your dog’s drinking water to further bolster their dental well-being. Y

our diligence in these three facets will undoubtedly contribute to the vitality and longevity of your beloved Roman Rottweiler.

Origin of the Roman Rottweiler

These magnificent canines trace their lineage back to the expansive domain of the Roman Empire, where they initially assumed the role of steadfast sheepdogs serving in the legions of Rome.


The origins of the Roman Rottweiler can be traced back to the esteemed Tibetan Mastiff, although compelling arguments also exist in favor of the Italian Mastiff’s contribution to their ancestry.

As the Romans embarked on their journeys across the European expanse, they inadvertently left behind a contingent of these loyal canines in the German lands, a consequence of the arduous and impassable routes they traversed.

It is within this historical context that the German Rottweiler found its genesis, evolving from the remnants of the Roman Rottweiler’s legacy.


In contemporary times, the Roman Rottweiler represents a renaissance of this venerable lineage, achieved through careful and deliberate breeding practices.

This resurgent breed stands as a magnificent and colossal incarnation of the Rottweiler, having recently garnered considerable popularity.

The question of their worth invariably arises, with German Rottweilers typically commanding prices ranging from $1,000 to $2,500, while the Roman Rottweilers, due to their scarcity, may bear a price tag that escalates to a remarkable $5,000, contingent upon their availability.

These dogs, while notably larger than their German counterparts, share their intelligence and trainability, making them astute and amenable companions.

They innately exude sociability, affection, and a vigilant protectiveness. Their historical roles spanned from shepherding to serving as stalwart sentinels in the realms of military and law enforcement.

To keep them in optimal health, a regimen of regular exercise and a well-balanced diet is indispensable. Furthermore, diligent attention to their dental hygiene ensures that these majestic creatures typically enjoy robust health throughout their lives.

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