Unlock The Ultimate Guide To Rottweiler Training Secrets: Discover Proven Tips And Techniques.

Y’all, Rottweilers are big ol’ loveable goofs – but they can be a pawful to train if ya don’t know the tricks of the trade! As a long-time Rottie owner, I wanna let ya in on the down low when it comes to Rottweiler training secrets that’ll help these rowdy pups chill out their rambunctiousness and become the delightful family companions they were born to be!

My Top Tips ‘n’ Techniques for Rottweiler Training Secrets

I’ll start by gettin’ real about what Rottweiler ownership is really like – the good, the bad, and the slobbery. Then, I’ll break down the nitty gritty of my best Rottweiler training secrets across these key areas:


  • Dealing with their bull-in-a-china-shop energy
  • Channeling their strong-willed nature
  • Curbing their urge to ROO-ROO-ROO at all hours
  • Socializing them to be gentle giants
  • And – most importantly – bonding with ’em so they give their paw-some hearts to YOU

I’ve trained many a Rottie in my days as a bonafide dog trainer. So whether you’ve got a rambunctious Rottie pup or an old dog who could use some new tricks, I guarantee these Rottweiler training secrets will help y’all get along swimmingly!

Ain’t My First Rodeo: My Life With Rotties

Let me tell ya, when I first brought home my Rottie Rico over a decade ago as a floppy-eared little pup; I had no lickin’ idea what I was gettin’ myself into! I just saw those big brown puppy dog eyes and fell in love instantly. But lordy be, it didn’t take long for Rico to start livin’ up to the Rottweiler rep for being bullheaded bundles of energy that’ll plow through just about anything in their path!

Rico was rowdy as all get out – he’d trot around the house waggin’ his nub of a tail like he owned the place, bumpin’ his beefy body against table legs and frail humans’ knees alike. He gnawed everything in sight with those mighty chompers of his. He barked at the mailman every day as if it was the first time he’d laid eyes on the fellow. And boy, did Rico love to ROO-ROO-ROO whenever he felt like it, which was pretttyyy much all the dang time!


Rico was a pawful! But I was determined to get this rambunctious pup properly trained, no matter how many slip-ups we had along the way. It took a lotta trial and even more error to figure out the training tricks that finally got through Rico’s thick skull – but in a few months, he wised up into the downright delightful companion I knew he could be all along!

Over the years, I trained several more Rotties while I professionally trained dogs of all breeds for families. And let me tell ya, I picked up plenty more Rottweiler training secrets along the way! Now that I’m happily retired, it’s about time I spilled the beans on everything I know about successfully trainin’ these lovable lug-heads.

So if y’all are strugglin’ to get your rowdy Rottie under control, stick with me because this ol’ gal’s got the 411 on transformin’ them into a delightful family member!

Rottweilers By Nature: High Energy, Herdin’, Hungry for Attention

Before we dive head first into Rottweiler Training Secrets 101, any wannabe Rottie owner must understand what makes these pups tick.

Rottweilers developed their athletic bodies and big personalities as cattle-herding dogs in ancient Rome. They helped ranchers keep thousands of cows moseyin’ along by using their robust frames and intimidating voices to corral those heifers whenever they got antsy and ambled astray.

So modern-day Rottweilers still have those ingrained instincts to herd big animals (and small children) by bumping and even nipping them to keep ‘em in line.


These working dog origins also mean Rotties have oodles and oodles of energy and stamina – enough to spend all day running ragged after rowdy livestock.

And outta the whole herding group, Rottweilers stand out as true people pleasers. They desperately crave lots a of love and affection from their fave humans. Without enough Quality Time, though, Rotties get anxious and stressed. And they have their fair share of ways to act out:

  • ROO-ROO-ROOing their hearts out
  • Gnawing holes through your walls, doors, yard furniture, etc.
  • Getting into roughhousing matches with other pets – or young kids!
  • Becoming such velcro dogs, they refuse to let ya leave their sight
  • Or worse – gettin’ downright aggressive from all that pent-up stress 😬

Now, don’t get too overwhelmed by all that natural energy and temperament! When properly trained and cared for, Rottweilers become the utterly devoted, gentle giants and laidback loungers they were always meant to be.

The key is to start their training ASAP before bad habits set in. With the right Rottweiler training techniques, you’ll get your pup securely on the path to becoming a delightful, well-adjusted big ball o’ love who’s a pleasure to live with!

So, let’s get stuck into those top-secret Rottweiler training tips and transform your rowdy pup into the snuggly sweetheart of your dreams!

Trainin’ Tip #1: Work That Bod! Wear Out Their Energy in Positive Ways

Hands down, the #1 most important Rottweiler training secret is helping these high-energy canines blow off steam. Hence, they chill out rather than cause chaos.


As working dogs bred to be on the move all day and night, Rottweiler pups have what feels like a boundless supply of energy and enthusiasm. All those juices gotta go somewhere! So owners gotta channel that zest for life into lots of positive outlets, or else mass destruction is imminent!

Failure to drain a Rottie’s monster energy levels is how you end up with:

  • Gnawed-up walls, furniture, clothing, etc.
  • Dug out yards from marathon diggin’ sessions
  • ROO-ROO-ROOing at ungodly hours when folks are just tryin’ to catch some ZZZs!
  • Hyperactivity and even aggression as their energy morphs into anxiety

Luckily, there are loads of great ways to help a Rottie burn off their excess fuel, like:

  • Long ‘n sniff-filled walks – Rotties should get at least an hour a day, ideally more like 90 minutes! Break it up into a few walks if needed. Bring toys to play fetch in the park, too, for bonus playtime.
  • Backyard play sessions galore – In addition to walks, plan on dedicating 30+ minutes to active backyard play as often as possible. Games of fetch, solo toy chewing sessions, and hide ‘n seek are all Rottie’s faves!
  • Rigorous weekly exercise – Take ‘em swimming, hiking, jogging – whatever gets their heart rate up! It gives their minds and bodies a true workout.
  • Interactive toys – When you can’t actively engage, stuff puzzle toys with treats, serve meals in activity balls, and hide chews around the house. Make ‘em work for it!
  • Training classes – Any obedience or agility training provides physical AND mental stimulation.

With all these power-releasing activities filling your Rottie’s days and tuckering their tiresome lil’ bods out, the less likely their curiosity and chaos will wreak havoc at home!

Trainin’ Tip #2: Establish Yourself as Pack Leader with Positive Discipline

As much as we Rottie-adoring owners hate to admit it, we gotta accept our breeds’ tendency towards stubbornness and training challenges before we can overcome them!

Early socialization and obedience are key for showing little Rottweiler pups their place as loyal followers in our human packs. Without it, their inborn urge to take charge can lead to mega-behavioral problems.

So, right from the get-go, start laying the foundation for a respectful relationship using humane methods centered on redirection, not punishment. Modern science shows that’s MUCH more effective anyway!

The keys to leadership success include:

  • Offering loads of affection & praise for good behavior – make it rain rewards!
  • Using toys and treats to redirect unwanted behaviors, pronto
  • Applying brief timeouts for more serious misdeeds
  • Enforcing rules and commands with utter consistency
  • Responding calmly & confidently if they don’t listen – no anger allowed!
  • Respecting their signals when play gets too intense – they’re still babies!
  • Seeking help from trainers and vets for guidance when progress stalls

Establish a predictable daily routine ASAP with regular times for walking, playing, training, and eating. Rotties thrive on schedules.

Use crate training judiciously – it teaches ‘em to settle AND gives you timeouts as needed.

And proactively puppy-proof your home by stashing shoes, remote controls, trash cans, medications, and anything else irresistibly tempting! It saves your sanity AND teaches what is/isn’t okay to play with.

If all that fails to snap some sense into ‘em, break out my ol’ stand-by secret weapon

The “Pen” aka glorified backyard timeout zoo!

Trainin’ Tip #3: Use the “Pen” for Instant ObedienceUpgrade

When that dastardly duo of major energy and bullheadedness clash, sometimes we owners need a secret weapon to force listens when please just don’t cut it with stubborn Rotties.


That’s when ya gotta get serious and break out the “Pen.”

No, I’m not talking about scribbling your frustrations away with a PaperMate (though that helps, too!). I mean an actual backyard pen to send rowdy pups for on-demand timeouts.

Here’s the setup:

  • Get a 6-10 ft wire pen from the pet store or Amazon
  • Set it up in the yard with a water bowl and maybe a chew
  • Put a pad or dog bed in there for comfort
  • Et voila! Instant obedience method when needed

The Pen serves two crucial purposes:

1) A designated space for mandatory calmness

Sometimes, Rotties get so hyper-focused or excited during play that our pleas to settle fall on floppy deaf ears.

So calmly lead/guide them to the Pen and firmly insist they chill out in there til they calm their butts down. It removes all play rewards and forces relaxation when we command it.

Once they relax for 5+ minutes with minimal whining, let ‘em out as a reward!

2) Swift discipline for defying house rules

Young Rotties love to challenge boundaries by ignoring our cries to drop that shoe! Or quit counter-surfing for sandwich fixings!

So when redirection fails, and they blatantly disobey, instantly march ‘em to the Pen for 5-15 minutes till they realize defiance = lost freedom.

Once the pouty pup complies immediately when you give the release command, they’ve learned their lesson! Let ‘em out and monitor closely for recidivism.

With the patient combo of redirection, praise, AND strategic isolation in the Pen, you soon wind up with a respectful pooch who thinks twice before disobeying!

Trainin’ Tip # 4: Speak Their Love Language – Snuggles!

Last but certainly not least, in our Rottweiler training secrets is nurturing that innate cuddly side hiding under all their brawny bravado!

As true velcro dogs, Rotties desperately crave oodles of quality time and physical affection from their beloved owners. When deprived, they turn into mighty clingy and even destructive pups!


That’s why it’s so critical all Rottie owners commit to a strict regimen of:

  • Daily snuggles & lap time – at least 30-60 minutes!
  • Heavy praise & petting for good behavior – make it abundant!
  • Sharing the couch for post-walk wind-down time
  • Nighttime spooning in bed – or even better, give ‘em their dog bed right next to yours!
  • Weekend couch potato sessions for extended Netflix & chill – maybe an ear or belly rub if they’re lucky!

Furthermore, use tactile rewards whenever remotely possible during training:

  • Offer hearty pats along with treats for obedience
  • Make ‘em work for pets by obeying a cue first
  • Praise with vigorous rump scratches & neck rubs
  • Replace timeouts with 30-second ignoring (no touch!)

By speaking love through a close physical connection – your Rottie’s preferred language – AND being strictly consistent in redirecting bad behavior, you’ll soon have the delightful pet partner you’ve been yearning for!

Transform Your Rambunctious Rottie Into a Dream Dog!

Well, there ya have it – all my top-secret Rottweiler training tips and tools revealed at last!

As you can see, the key to handling these rambunctious rowdies is a strategic physical AND mental exercise to prevent chaos, establishing clear leadership with rewards and timeouts to earn respect, judiciously using isolation pens to enforce obedience, and heaping on the cuddles as their favorite reward.

While Rotties will always be bundles of enthusiasm thanks to those hardwired herdin’ instincts, puttin’ my methods into daily practice ensures they channel all that zany zeal into delightful rather than destructive pursuits!


I hope y’all feel empowered to get your unruly pups wised up or tackle that Rottie puppy you’ve been dreaming of adding to your family. Trust me, soon enough; they’ll be the utterly devoted gentle giants and laidback loungers you’ve always imagined once ya unlock these Rottweiler training secrets!

Let me know if y’all have any other pressing pup problems with your Rotties – I’m always happy to lend my expertise to fellow dog-doting owners. Just holler anytime! Happy trainin’!


Q: How much exercise does a Rottweiler need daily?

A: At least an hour a day of walks, plus 30+ minutes of active backyard play and weekly rigorous exercise.

Q: What’s the best way to discipline a Rottweiler puppy?

A: Use positive redirection with treats and toys, along with consistent rules, calm confidence, and brief timeouts when needed.

Q: What is a “pen” when training Rottweilers?

A: A wire fence enclosure set up in the yard to enforce mandatory calm time or discipline defiance.

Q: Why are Rottweilers so clingy and destructive sometimes?

A: They desperately crave affection and stress out without enough quality time with their owners.

Q: What’s the #1 reward to use when training a Rottweiler?

A: Physical affection and snuggles, which speak to their love language.


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