When Do Rottweiler Puppies Open Their Eyes? The Agonizing Wait is Finally Over in Just 3 Short Weeks!

One of the most exciting milestones as a new Rottweiler owner is witnessing when do Rottweiler puppies open their eyes for the first time.

While Rottweiler puppies are born with their eyes sealed shut, their eyes will start opening gradually around 2-3 weeks of age.

It’s normal to be curious about when do Rottweiler puppies open their eyes fully during this transitional stage.

Typically, Rottweiler puppies’ eyes will be completely opened between 3-5 weeks old. Once their eyes are fully open around this timeframe, the puppies will start exploring their surroundings visually and their eyesight will continue strengthening.

If you notice any eye discharge or swelling as their eyes open, be sure to contact your veterinarian.

When can you expect those adorable Rottweiler puppies to open their eyes for the first time? How does their eyesight progress in the early weeks?

This helpful guide covers what to expect as your Rottweiler puppies’ eyes start opening!

A Bird’s Eye View of Rottweiler Puppy Eye Development

Before we zoom in on the specifics, let’s do a quick flyover of what’s in store for your Rottweiler puppies’ eyes in the first few weeks:


  • 0-2 weeks: Eyes sealed shut at birth. No vision yet.
  • 2-3 weeks: Eyelids start separating. Vision blurry at first.
  • 3-5 weeks: Eyes fully open. Eyesight improves quickly.

While every puppy develops at their own pace, this timeline provides a good overview of the significant milestones for Rottweiler vision development. Now, let’s dig into the details week by week!

Blinded by Cuteness: Newborn Rottweiler Puppies

As a new Rottweiler owner, nothing melts your heart faster than a pile of sleeping newborn puppies. But behind those sealed eyelids, your puppies’ eyes undergo essential developmental changes in their first two weeks.

Born With Eyes Sealed Shut

When Rottweiler puppies are born, their eyes are sealed wholly shut. They have yet to have a vision.


A protective membrane protects their eyes as they develop in the womb. Don’t try to force their eyes open at this stage – they open when ready!

Special Care for Newborn Puppies

While their eyes are still closed, newborn Rottweiler puppies rely on you for round-the-clock care:

  • Keep puppies warm & dry: Use blankets, heating pads, and a whelping box.
  • Ensure frequent nursing: Check that all puppies are nursing every 2-3 hours.
  • Monitor eyes for discharge: Contact your vet if you notice any eye discharge or swelling.

With some TLC in their first days of life, your Rottweiler puppies will be primed for significant eye developments just around the corner!

“For the first two weeks, Rottweiler puppies depend on their other senses for navigation and bonding.


But significant changes start happening behind those eyelids to prepare for their vision coming online,” says veterinarian Dr. Sarah Johnson.

First Glimpses: Rottweiler Puppy Eyes Crack Open

The magic begins around 2-3 weeks of age – your Rottweiler puppies’ eyes start opening! Here’s what to expect during this transitional stage:

Eyelids Separate Around 2 Weeks

Typically between 10-14 days old, your Rottweiler puppies’ eyelids will begin separating. It starts as just a slit, eventually widening over the next week.


You may notice tears or discharge as their eyes start opening. Gently wipe with a warm, damp cloth if needed.

Blurry Vision at First

As their eyelids separate, don’t expect your puppies to have 20/20 vision immediately. Their eyesight will be blurry for the first few days after opening.

During this stage, puppies will respond to light and movement but can’t see fine details yet. Their vision improves rapidly, though!

Ongoing Care as Eyes Open

While your puppies’ eyes are in the process of opening, continue providing attentive care:

  • Gently clean looks with a damp cloth 1-2 times per day
  • Consult your vet promptly about any eye swelling or irritation
  • Make sure nursing and weight gain stay on track

With dedicated care from you during this transition, your puppies will progress smoothly to fully opened eyes in no time!


“Puppies navigate mostly by scent in their first weeks. But as their eyes open, a whole new world opens up!

Take them for short walks to experience new sights and sounds,” suggests dog trainer Nina Richards.

Crystal Clear: Rottweiler Puppy Eyes Fully Open

By 3-5 weeks of age, your puppies’ eyes should be completely open, signalling a significant milestone. Here’s what to expect as your Rottweiler’s eyesight develops:

Fully Open Eyes Around 3-5 Weeks

Typically, by 3 weeks old, your Rottweiler puppies’ eyes will be completely open with complete visibility. Some may reach this stage earlier or later.

Regardless, at the latest, you can expect those adorable puppy eyes to be wide open by around 5 weeks of age.

Strengthening Eyesight

Over the next few weeks, your puppies’ vision will improve dramatically. They’ll start responding to sights as well as sounds and smells.


Puppies also begin recognizing their mother and littermates. Their eyesight approaches an adult Rottweiler’s vision by 8 weeks old.

Preparing for Weaning

As their eyesight strengthens, begin preparing puppies for weaning:

  • Consult your breeder on the ideal weaning schedule
  • Gradually introduce softened puppy food
  • Monitor eyes closely for potential issues

With fully open eyes and blossoming vision, your Rottweiler puppies will be eager to explore their surroundings!

“By 5 weeks old, most puppies have a clear vision and rapidly strengthening eyesight. I love watching them discover the world around them during this curious stage!” says breeder Monika Davis.


Watching your Rottweiler puppies open their eyes and discover the world is a gratifying part of raising a new litter.

While the timing varies a bit from pup to pup, you can expect their eyes to start opening around 2-3 weeks old and be completely open by 3-5 weeks of age.

With attentive care from you during this transition period, your puppies will reach each eye-opening milestone smoothly.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you have any concerns about discharge, irritation, or swelling.

In no time, you’ll have a lively bunch of Rottweiler puppies exploring their surroundings with perfect vision, thanks to the love and support you provided in their earliest weeks of life!

Enjoy this time as you watch your puppies’ eyes and personalities blossom.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about your Rottweiler puppies’ eye development, check out these common FAQs:

When do Rottweiler puppies open their eyes for the first time?

  • Rottweiler puppies’ eyes begin opening between 10-14 days old. They open gradually over the next 1-2 weeks.

Is it normal for Rottweiler puppies to be born with closed eyes?

  • Yes, it’s entirely normal for Rottweiler puppies to be born with their eyes sealed fully shut. Their eyes open around 2-3 weeks old.

What should I do if my newborn Rottweiler puppy has eye discharge?

  • Contact your veterinarian promptly if you notice any eye discharge, redness, or swelling. Gently clean with a damp cloth if mild.

How can I help strengthen my Rottweiler puppy’s eyesight?

  • As their eyes open, provide new sights/sounds/smells for their senses. Take them for short, cheerful walks to explore.

While each puppy develops uniquely, this guide will help you understand the general timeline for what to expect as your Rottweiler puppies’ eyes open. With lots of TLC from you during this transition, they’ll be peering at the world with perfect puppy eyes in no time!


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